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Current Events

Allure of Rock: An Introduction to the Dangers of Rock-N-Roll
Join Eric Holmberg on a journey into the soul of rock-n-roll. Discover the life styles, philosophies and the forces that guide the popular music industry. Find out why the lyrics and the beat are more than "just music".
22-403160 min.$ 19.95©1992 0-934837-19-8

An Evening of Choices for the Future
As presented here, over 1000 people from around the world joined a distinguished group of presenters to address questions at Windstar's 1986 Choices for the Future Symposium.
14-214449 min.$ 29.95

With high-tech evidence, scientific analysis and the most recent sights, "Ancient Mysteries" pushes the frontier of investigation to the cutting edge. Each fascinating program in this video series brings you the latest breakthroughs in the search for answers to these real-life myths.
Ark of the Covenant13-418750 min.$ 19.95©1994 1-56501-250-X
Great Pyramid13-4435100 min.$ 19.95©1995 1-56501-499-5
Hidden City of Petra13-433250 min.$ 19.95©1995
Witchcraft In America13-418950 min.$ 19.95©1994 1-56501-170-8

Buster and Me
This Emmy Award-winning puppet show was created to address the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, confusion and fear experienced by children as they become increasingly aware of the threat of nuclear war. Robin Goodrow stars as Robin, the hostess of the puppet program.
13-021623 min.$ 24.95©1983

Crossroads of Time
This is a documentary of a speech delivered by Dr. Helen Caldicott to the Sonoma County, California, chapter of Women for Nuclear Disarmament in March, 1984. In it, she discusses the health hazards of radiation. An important issue covered by an authority.
13-022262 min.$ 39.95

Dark Circle
A feature documentary film that provides a dramatic portrait of life in the nuclear age through an interlocking series of "Atomic Biographies" which graphically show what hydrogen bombs and nuclear power mean in individual, human terms. it shows how ordinary, non-expert Americans are being affected by nuclear weapons, even in the absence of nuclear war. This program also explores the unbreakable links between nuclear weapons and nuclear power. A provocative study about these most pressing issues. Included is a short feature on the Karen Silkwood story.
13-021090 min.$ 39.95

Destination Nicaragua
A hard-hitting yet informative and entertaining program about this controversial issue and country. Experience the adventures of groups of American citizens as they embark on journeys to this hotbed of Central America. Hear mothers tell of the brutalities committed against their children, see the Contras as they embark on their covert mission, and make up your own mind who really represents the people of Nicaragua, the Sandinistas or Contras.
13-025060 min.$ 49.95©1986

Edge of History
Filmed in 1983 at a Physicians for Social Responsibility meeting, this program offers an updated description and analysis of the current nuclear threat. Twelve distinguished men and women discuss the need for a "new mode of thinking" about the nuclear weapons race. An important film on an important issue.
13-021228 min.$ 49.95

Everest: Collector's Three Volume Gift Boxed Set
Reaching 5 1/2 miles into the sky, Everest is a massive pyramid of of intimidating rock, freezing cold and hurricane force winds. It is the highest point on Earth, and is also deadly...for every five people who reach the summit, one dies trying. This extraordinary production is the definitive documentary of the history and mystery of the most awesome mountain on Earth.
13-4936170 min.$ 49.95©1997

Faces of War
Controversial look at Americans working in Nicaragua and El Salvador. This program explains the political situations in those coountries and shows how concerned Americans are helping to develop food and health resources for the betterment of war-torn populations. Hosted by Mike Farrell of the MASH TV show.
13-025138 min.$ 39.95

Forgiven: The Charles "Tex" Watson Story
He murdered his way into the history books with the Charles Manson "family". Could God forgive someone like Charles "Tex" Watson? Could Tex forgive himself? Could the families of the victims forgive him? How could he become... Forgiven? The most powerful forgiveness message ever put on film with the actual participants telling their stories!
13-478230 min.$ 15.99©1996 0-7644-3002-5


Ghost Ships of Isle Royale13-421660 min.$ 39.95©1993
Mystery of the Edmund Fitzgerald13-402260 min.$ 39.95©1993
Rouse Simmons: The Christmas Tree Ship13-421835 min.$ 29.95©1992
S.S. Wisconsin: Shipwrecked Vessel13-422050 min.$ 29.95©1991
Wreck of the Car Ferry, Milwaukee13-421945 min.$ 29.95©1992

In Our Defense
Examines how the quest to find security through ever-expanding arsenals has made us steadily less secure, personally, economically and militarily. It shows the economic impact of military spending and looks at the folly of civil defense planning for nuclear war. Hosted by Mike Farrell of the MASH TV show.
13-043430 min.$ 39.95

Traveling in Style features over four hundred archival photographs, many classic film clips and reminiscing interviews.
Traveling In Style - Automobiles and Trolleys13-434969 min.$ 19.95©1994
Traveling in Style - Trains, Riverboats, and Planes13-435070 min.$ 19.95©1994

Kids' Cove
Swampscott, Massachusetts is described as a town where in ten years nothing totally positive had happened. That was until a local mother had an idea. The children of Swampscott needed a playground...what if the community got together and put one up? Once the idea was born, it took off. After hours, days and months of brainstorming and planning the big moment arrived. It was September, 1988 and for five grueling days the women, men and children of Swampscott labored together to dig holes, saw, lift, sand and weld every last surface. The community has the memory of an experience that it will never forget.
13-413014 min.$ 19.95©1989

Millennium Bug's Deadliest Secret
People are asking "Why didn't anyone tell us about the 'other' Y2K problem?" This video explores the "other" Y2K problem, and explains what can happen if just one chip fails. Join 5 Y2K experts as they outline this "secret" Y2K problem.
13-493030 min.$ 19.95©1998 1-892709-04-X

MTV Examined
This program provides parents information needed to make an educated decision concerning MTV. This accurate and compelling analysis scrutinizes the charges that MTV is responsible for violent crimes and uses examples of it's programming that may have provoked the crimes. Excellent for parents, youth leaders, and concerned citizens.
13-411130 min.$ 19.95©1993 0-934837-57-0

Rape: Cries from the Heartland
One in five women will be raped at some point in their lives, says the U.S. Senate report of March, 1991. This program reveals a disturbing portrait of rape as it really is; an act of violence, not sex. In addition to chronicling the efforts of police and sexual-abuse workers, this documentary explores the long term psychological effects of rape.
13-834645 min.$ 99.95©1991

REMEMBER September 11, 2001
Every generation shares a collective memory of events that bind us and that define our times. Rarely, if ever, has one day taken so many innocent lives or affected so many people worldwide. Footage was gathered from the Associated Press, various news sources, amateur home video and private organizations in order to document the events in a personal yet timeless manner.
13-496125 min.$ 14.95©2001

A frightening portrait of an American film crew who lived with a Salvadoran family for two tragic years in the hell of El Salvador's Civil War. Features music by Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul and Mary; and Randy Master.
13-043930 min.$ 34.95

Slave Trade in the World Today
Shocking documentary on actual slavery practices in the world today.
13-454090 min.$ 19.98©1965

Soviets, Meet Middle America!
Follow the adventures of Andrei, Boris, Lyubov and Petras as they travel from coast to coast, stay in people's homes and experience America in a thousand ways. Feel the excitement as people from both cultures, who have been denied access to each other for decades, meet face-to-face. See how these ordinary Soviet citizens become instant celebrities, representing their country to curious Americans.
13-512130 min.$ 39.95

Subway: The Empire Beneath New York's Streets
Beneath the fierce commotion on the streets of the "Big Apple," lies an astonishing network of tunnels, turnstiles, and technology. Experimental cars, subway disasters, construction miracles, and greedy financiers are all part of the brute legend of the world's largest subway system.
13-418550 min.$ 19.95©1994 1-56501-351-4

U.N.: Peacekeeping or Warmaking?
How could the U.N. become more effective and efficient? What is the U.S.'s role in helping the U.N. accomplish its tasks? A fast-paced, savvy, up-to-the minute review of current political realities, produced as part of the Center for Defense Information's "America's Defense Monitor" series.
13-474728 min.$ 24.95©1994

Women: For America, For the World
This film celebrates women who have the vision, courage and determination to re-define the meaning of security for our nation and our world, and then confront the economic and political vested interests in the arms race. With common sense and compassion, they speak out for our health, educational and economic needs but, most importantly, for the future of our children. Features a roster of prominent American women.
13-021428 min.$ 49.95

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