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Social & Political Issues

7 Up in South Africa
Compelling portraits of the bright and charming children portrayed in this program are strikingly contrasted with the social turbulence that surrounds them. The innocence that defines the children is sadly compromised by the intolerance of their communities.
13-466980 min.$ 19.95 1-56633-070-X


Democratic Party: 1960-199213-449958 min.$ 19.95©1996 1-56127-750-9

American Justice
Investigates historical crimes of the 20th Century and explores how they have altered the American system of justice. Each episode (approx. 25 mins.) focuses on one crime, examining the criminal and his motives, how the crime was committed, the manner in which it was solved and the repercussions of the case on the criminal justice system. Four tape set.
13-4474400 min.$ 99.95©1992

Why did a culture numbering into the hundreds of thousands suddenly disappear? Will the excavation of the Haynie Ruins reveal the secret of the Anasazi? Dozens of rooms have been excavated, unearthing many burial sites, arrowheads, stone and bone tools, pottery and jewelry.
13-048737 min.$ 49.95

Anasazi: The Ancient Ones
The Navajo Indian meaning of "Anasazi" is "Ancient Ones." A remnant of a culture numbering into the millions. Carbon dating in this ruin goes back several thousand years. The Anasazi disappeared from the face of the earth 700 to 800 years ago, and no two authorities can agree on why, or on what became of them. Watch the actual unearthing of ancient burials, many stone tools, arrowheads, and pottery; and hear the story of what is known of the Anasazi.
13-014224 min.$ 19.95

As If It Were Yesterday
This film documents the little known heroism of the Belgian people who, during the Nazi occupation, hid, placed or helped over 4,000 Jewish children excape deportation and extermination, often doing so at the risk of their own lives. Through interviews with survivors and with the Belgians who had hidden children, a deeply moving story unfolds that reminds us about the marvellous generoustiy of people of goodwill.
13-022785 min.$ 49.95

Backstage at the White House
A rare, behind-the-scenes look at some great personal moments in the lives of our presidents and their families. Unforgettable moments that reveal the human side of the world's most powerful men.
13-014660 min.$ 19.95©1985

This series includes four informative programs that detail the history and experiences of black Americans.
Black America: Breaking Free13-401929 min.$ 99.00©1989

California Reich
Deals with a bizarre, complicated and frightening phenomenon: the rebirth of the Nazi movement in America. It took three months to get inside the front door of a Nazi household and another eight months before cameras were permitted to roll. The results are both poignant and chilling; the fear and hatred that motivates these individuals has roots in very real and recognizable frustrations the same frustrations that inspired an ex- paperhanger named Adolf Hitler to try to conquer the world. Be prepared, because the Nazis portrayed are not heel-clicking, Hollywood creations. More frighteningly, they are the men, women and children who may live next door.
13-014755 min.$ 49.95©1977

Change in Perspective
Introduces you to five people who lead productive lives because they stress ability over disability. This program examines the physical and social issues connected with spinal cord injury and smashes outdated attitudes about persons with disabilities.
13-486530 min.$ 39.95©1995

Christopher Columbus Quincentennial
An artistic interpretation of historic reality based on documented accounts from European and American sources. In a step back into the nautical aspects of the Middle Ages, it depicts the living conditions and limitations of a voyage undertaken 500 years ago, with all the dangers and unknowns to be confronted. This production is a pleasure and spectacle to be viewed by all ages...again and again.
13-802360 min.$ 19.95©1991

Cities at War: The Doomed City-Berlin
On August 25, 1940, the RAF made its first raid on the city Garmans said could never be bombed. Five years later, three quarters of Berlin lay in rubble, 80,000 of its citizens lost, and it was firmly in the hands of its enemies, Today, the city is divided in half but has survived
13-015065 min.$ 29.95©1968

An extraordinary four-part series chronicling the life of the twentieth century's greatest statesman. This four-part series is an integration of candid interviews, stark newsreel footage and fresh research unearthed exclusively for this series.
Beginning of the End13-806450 min.$ 18.95©1991
Maverick Politician13-806250 min.$ 18.95©1991
Never Despair13-806550 min.$ 18.95©1991
To Conquer or Die13-806350 min.$ 18.95©1991

Design For a Positive Future
Do you feel overwhelmed by media reports about polluted air and water? Are you searching for a new vision of a better life? On this tape, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and her "Design Team" propose an action agenda to solve society's dilemmas. They call for the creation of an "Office for the Future" to implement positive answers to pressing human needs.
13-915426 min.$ 24.95©1988

Exploring Atlantis
Dr. Frank Alper, author of the trilogy "Ecploring Atlantis," takes us on a "journey back in time," piecing together the moral, social, cultural and economic practices, and the philosophy of ancient Atlantis. He explains how mankind today can rise above destructive forces and utilize the knowledge from Atlantis to bring us an age of enlightenment.
13-0433113 min.$ 59.95

A PBS special series on the evolution of black civil rights in America and the fight against racism.
Ain't Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961)13-810760 min.$ 19.95
Awakenings (1954-1956)13-810560 min.$ 19.95
Bridge to Freedom (1965)13-811060 min.$ 19.95
Fighting Back (1957-1962)13-810660 min.$ 69.95
Mississippi: Is This America? (1962-1964)13-810960 min.$ 19.95

Generation Apart
This film portrays the impact of the Holocaust on families of concentration camp survivors. Now that the children of survivors are grown, it has become painfully clear that their parents' wartime horrors have formed very real emotional impressions on their families' relationships. Here these family relationships are examined with incredible candor, showing the sometimes explosive confrontations between the survivors and their children.
13-022856 min.$ 49.95©1986

Great American Speeches: 80 Years of Political Oratory
Narrated by former White House press secretary Jody Powell, this is the most complete videotape of American speeches ever created. 35 speeches (not dramatizations) are presented, from Teddy Roosevelt to the present. Others include: "Fightin' Bob" LaFollette, Huey Long, FDR, John L. Lewis, the Army-McCarthy debates, MacArthur, Patton, Nixon, JFK, RFK, Goldwater, Rockefeller, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, Barbara Jordan, Cuomo, Jackson and more. Two tape set.
13-4475240 min.$ 39.95©1995 0-9649168-0-0

Great Civil War Debate

13-4910120 min.$ 19.95©1998 1-57341-096-9

Guiding Hand: The Clinton Influence of Arkansas Education
An inside look at Clinton's outcome based education oriented governor's school in Arkansas. Interviews with parents, students, and past employees. Allegations documented in the "Guiding Hand" include Clinton's endorsement of: radical homosexuality, classic socialism, rebellion, abortion rights, eastern/new age philosophy, and communism. One student claims the school practiced what was described as "cult like brain washing".
13-410821 min.$ 19.95©1992 0-934837-61-9

Image Before My Eyes
Before its destrucion, Poland was the largest and most important center of Jewish culture and creativity in the world. Through rare films, photographs, memorabilia, music and interviews with survivors, this lost culture is recreated. This is Jewish life in Ploand from the late 19th centry through the 1930's. A touching monument to this vanished era.
13-022990 min.$ 59.95©1985

Independence: Texas Gains Its Freedom-1836, Washington, Texas
In this dramatic re-enactment, Sam Houston and other legends of Texas history meet to declare Texas a free nation from Mexico. As the armies of General Santa Ana moved to crush the rebellious colonists, these brave men stayed behind to frame a constitution for the new republic. Official film of the Texas Sesquicentennial.
13-033935 min.$ 24.95


Assassination13-044560 min.$ 19.95©1987

Just Around the Corner, Narrated by Alexander Scourby
Americans struggle through the bad times of the Great Depression. Winner of the New York International Film and TV Festival Silver Award.
13-028860 min.$ 24.95

Make the United Nations Work: The Case for the Binding Triad
Richard Hudson of the Center for War/Peace Studies proposes how to turn the General Assembly from a debating society passing high-minded non-binding resolutions into an operational legislature capable of creating enforceable world laws. The key is a weighted voting system.
13-474928 min.$ 24.95©1985

Mein Kampf
This visually riveting documentary portrays the rise and fall of German fascism and the worldwide destruction that followed in its wake. Contains original footage from German archives and many other sources. B&W.
13-0052117 min.$ 39.95 1-56306-012-4

Millhouse: A White Comedy
This is one of the most controversial films ever made concerning one who has served in our nation's highest office. Utilizing film sequences from the career of Richard Millhouse Nixon, a comic yet terrifying portrait of the former President is drawn creating a political satire.
13-029090 min.$ 39.95

Join Bill Moyer's as he discusses the effects Politics and Religion have on one another in this three part series.
Battle for the Bible13-825230 min.$ 19.95©1987
Kingdom Divided13-825130 min.$ 19.95©1987
On Earth As It Is in Heaven13-825330 min.$ 19.95©1987

Mystery of the Pyramids
Eighty great edifices built over 6,000 years ago stand along the Nily Valley and throughout Egypt. These are the pyramids. How were they built? Who built them? What kind of civilization was that of ancient Egypt, capable of erecting these huge monuments? Is there really a curse of the pyramids? Shot on location, this film lets you join in the search for ansewrs to the mysteries of Egypt's most important pyramids.
13-027826 min.$ 24.95©1986

On the Bowery
Powerful documentary about a group of homeless alcoholics in New York's Bowery section.
13-203465 min.$ 29.95©1956

Our Military Under Siege: Mission Accomplishment vs. Homosexual Demands
Through interviews with both active duty and retired officers, senior non commissioned officers, and other military experts, this film gives direct answers to tough questions. The fight over lifting the restrictions on homosexuals is a political one. Our military leadership is overwhelmingly opposed to changing the policy on homosexuals that existed before President Clinton took office. National security must take precedence over the demands of self-serving special interest groups.
13-411030 min.$ 19.95©1993 0-934837-55-4

Pieces of Eight: American's Earliest Money
This is the intriguing story of the Spanish mill dollar, the most important means of money exchange in the New World. Western actor Fess Parker leads you through 300 years of history, from Cortez' landing in the New World to the ups and downs of the struggling new nation and the modern day stock exchange. Learn what coin George Washington threw across the Rappahannock River; why the stock exchange trades in "eight" even today; why colonial money was backed by pirates' booty; early minting methods; what it means to bet a "fair shake: or " get clipped," why an American war was backed by pirate and Spanish loot; why a quarter is known as "two bits"; the designing of our earliest American money; and much more.
13-011926 min.$ 39.95

Plot to Kill JFK: Rush to Judgment
The assassination of John F. Kennedy has been wrapped in conspiracy-oriented theories and undertones ever since the act was undertaken by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. This film explores the theories of lawyer Mark Lane and provides-better than any other document-a basis for further exploration.
13-034260 min.$ 19.95©1988

Plough that Broke the Plains/ The River
Pae Lorentz's film broke the European monopoly on social documentaries. It was made in 1936 for the federal government. The film concerns the 400 million acres of the Great Plains, their settlement, misuse and consequences. Throughout, the makers' techniques and talents provide testimony to the power of film, and the revenge nature takes on those who misuse her. The River The story is one of man against nature. The setting: Tennessee in 1937. The task: to control the Mississippi and its flooding. B&W
13-013354 min.$ 29.00

Positive Twenties
A powerful documentary focusing on a support group dedicated to serving young people dealing with HIV infection. This program portrays the lives of these young men as they come to terms with their situation and learn to face life on life's terms, one day at a time.
13-471330 min.$ 19.98©1994 1-887496-14-9

Reagan Years in Pursuit of the American Dream
This traces the life from his childhood to his two terms in office as President of the United States.
13-888875 min.$ 29.95©1988

Remembering Life
A nostalgic look at the great years of Life Magazine. This documentary includes memorable photographs from the pages of Life, and interviews with the photographers who took them. Stories covered include World War II, the Korean War, the Civil Rights Movement, Hollywood, teenagers in the fifties, and the early years of the atomic bomb.
13-017060 min.$ 24.95

Reversing Roe: Norma McCorvey Story
Norma McCorvey's case was used to challenge the Texas abortion law and she eventually became the Jane Roe of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade. She never had an abortion, but instead became an icon in the national abortion debate. She promoted legalized abortion. But she was tormented by what she saw and felt. In the summer of 1995 her life changed forever. This is her story.
13-457030 min.$ 24.95©1996 1-57341-039-X

Second Chance Combat Shoot
A look at the Mardi Gras of shooting competition. The world's most popular shooting match is a week-long shooting, joking, pretty girls and good times! A highly entertaining documentary featuring action footage of some of the world's top shooters in competition using auto pistols, revolvers, shotguns, submachine guns, .50 calibers and even a cannon.
13-043190 min.$ 59.95

Sentence, The
This dramatic film shows a reenactment of a man dying in the electric chair and a flashback to the murder he committed. This film does not take sides, pro or con, regarding capital punishment but rather lets the audience decide. This program should be viewed in a totally dark room while seated in an arm chair.
13-454810 min.$ 29.95©1983

Spirit of the Salt River Valley
A documentary of the historic events leading to the dedication of Theodore Roosevelt Dam on March 18, 1911. Using original photographs and re- enactment of actual events, this program dramatizes the struggles of the Hohokam Indians and the early spirit of the pioneers.
13-036917 min.$ 29.95

Strengthening the United Nations
We can turn the United Nations into an effective instrument for planetary management. Suggested reforms include increasing the U.N.'s power to keep the peace, mediate regional conflicts, prevent environmental crises, prosecute international criminals and protect human rights.
13-916030 min.$ 24.95©1982

Thank You, Mr. President
John F. Kennedy was a master of the press conference. Watch as this program highlights the best moments from his biweekly meetings with the White House Press Corps. Kennedy's wit, charm and intelligence shine through as always, as he discussed U.S.-Soviet relations, nuclear war, women's rights and much more.
13-007145 min.$ 19.95©1984

Then They Came for Me
This documentary details alarming instances of suppression of religious and personal freedoms. Extensively researched, the show was filmed on location in Germany, Austria and France, and is based on interviews with political observers, religious leaders, and intellectuals, who express views of the present and concern for the future.
13-481950 min.$ 24.95©1994 1-56839-027-0

Toward a Governed World
Profusely illustrated interviews with three articulate globalists answer questions posed by persons-on-the-street about how to move from the present unruly international system toward orderly planetary management.
13-475227 min.$ 24.95©1986

Traa Dy Liooar
This is the Manx Gaelic tern for "time enough," a phrase that sums up the true character of Manzmen over the centuries. The Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea and has a history stretching back over a thousand years, and some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see. This is a film about the people, their early beginnings, and the world's first parliament founded over 1,000 years ago by the Vikings,
13-017222 min.$ 29.95

Truth Behind the Declaration of Independence
This proves that the intent of the Declaration of Independence was to create a society based on Christian values using the Bible as its sole source of guidance.
13-485082 min.$ 19.95©1995 1-57341-044-6

Two Great Crusades (1935-1945)
The New Deal and World War II are the focus of this look at the U.S.'s two modern crises.
13-001150 min.$ 64.95©1982 1-55919-519-3

Two Kennedys
A look at the Kennedy assissinations. Were they separate incidents or part of a conspiracy? Explore the evidency with this insightful look into recent history. This is the film that major TV braoadcasting companies would not put on the air.
13-0075115 min.$ 59.95

We All Came to America
The waves of immigration have helped build America as thousands of new Americans settle in. Freedom Foundation Award Winner. Narrated by Theodore Bikel.
13-028760 min.$ 24.95©1986

We the Peoples...Global Dialogue: Keeping the Peace
Parliamentarians for Global Action, after hearing from Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali at the U.N., consider the practical implications of preventive diplomacy and anticipatory deployment of U.N. forces.
13-475128 min.$ 24.95©1994

When I Think of Russia
Over the centuries, men have forsaken their homeland for a variety of reasons, but freedom to kive one's life as one chooses has always been foremost among them. Six Russian artists and performers-each at the top if his field-discuss their ambivalent feelings toward art, freedom, America and Russia. dancer Mikhail Baryshnokov, pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy, poet Joseph Brodksy, chess grand master Victor Korchnoi, painter Mikhail Chemaikin, and sculptor Ernst Neizvestny left Russia over the last 20 years under different circumstances, yet several things unite them. They each consider art, not politics, as their main motive for change, and they all feel that they have, in the end, paid a high personal and cultural price for artistic freedom. In this program, which reveals details of their past and present lives, Baryshnikov dances, Ashkenazy performs with Eugene Ormandy, and Brodsky recites a poem dedicated to his son.
13-027960 min.$ 59.95©1986

When Women Kill
Narrated and directed by Lee Grant. In this intensely powerful program, you will witness a horrifying close-up of seven psychologically trampled women who have been "forced" to kill. The stories are remarkably similar and their victims are most often domineering men-of-violence. This program includes an in-prison confession of Leslie Van Houton, who submitted to the violent will of Charles Manson. We are certain you will never forget this film.
13-576855 min.$ 29.95

Witness - Voices from the Holocaust

13-495890 min.$ 25.00©1999

World Survival Through Globalism
The United Nations is our best alternative to nuclear omnicide. Speakers Norman Cousins, Robert Muller and Burl Ives show how this world body offers a viable framework for peaceful conflict resolution.
13-915928 min.$ 14.95©1982

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