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And Liberty Lit the Skies
Commemorates the July 4th fireworks extravaganza in New York Harbor celebrating the 100th birthday of the Statue of Liberty. Spicing up the dazzling display is original music, specially commissioned for this video.
29-016930 min.$ 29.95

Buckaroo Bard

13-825056 min.$ 16.95©1988

Cajun Visits
Filmed at six homes rural southwest Louisiana, this film presents six masters of traditional Cajun music as they play and speak about their music, their lives and their environment.
13-023429 min.$ 49.95

Calypso's Search for The Britannic
Captain Cousteau tells, for the first time, the full story of the sinking of Great Britain's majestic ship, The Britannic. The luxury-liner- turned-hospital-ship was on her sixth World War I journey of mercy when, suddenly, an explosion ripped her apart, and sent her to the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Was she torpedoed or mined? A gripping discovery of long held secrets.
13-027158 min.$ 24.95©1977


13-824830 min.$ 16.95©1992

Curse of the Somers: Billy Budd's Ghost Ship
Mutiny and hangings, court martial and controversy, ghosts and a haunted ship, and a Martyred Hero of Chi Psi. This is the true story that inspired Herman Melville's novel, "Billy Budd", and that caused the founding of the United States Naval Academy. Narrated by Peter Coyote. Join the Belcher Expedition in Veracruz, Mexico to discover the shipwreck of the U.S. Brig Somers, lost in 1846 during the Mexican War.
13-486455 min.$ 29.95©1995

Death Diploma
This documentary covers mass murderers and serial killers throughout history.
13-200950 min.$ 39.98©1987

Diving for Roman Plunder
Jacques Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso attempt to retrieve the art objects and golden plunder form a Roman galley sunk centuries ago.
13-002959 min.$ 24.95©1978

Do You Mean There Are Still Cowboys

13-824760 min.$ 19.95

Why take a risk? Prepare now, not just for an earthquake but for any emergency. Learn how you and your family can survive the first 72 hours following a major quake.
13-515730 min.$ 24.95

El Camino Real

13-167830 min.$ 19.95

Gangster Chronicles: Part I
There was never anything like the blazing years between the bloody start of Prohibition and the death of John Dillinger. Behind the classic gangster myths from 1919-1935.
13-571046 min.$ 14.95©1989

Gangster Chronicles: Part II
This video delightfully mixes gripping original footage, uproarious sketches by the great illustrator Casey Jones and classic movie, newsreel and archival films.
13-571145 min.$ 14.95©1989

Gender & Social Change
Mapping the moral domain: a study of inner-city adolescents and the history of manhood.
13-832660 min.$ 39.95

Havana - Cigar of Connoisseurs
Shot on location in the Cuban provinces Pinar de Rio and Havana, where socialistic workers need three to four years to produce a Havana, and in Londan, Madrid, and Berlin, where Havana afficionados whiff these expensive toys in forty-five minutes, this documentary takes a look at the history and tradition of the finest cigar in the world.
13-481559 min.$ 24.95©1991 1-56839-023-8

Human Unity Conference: Entertainment Highlights
Music and songs from the conference include: Bobbie Gass "Send a Message to Moscow," Melon Roos "On Wings of Song" and the HUC Ensemble "It's About Time."
13-025330 min.$ 39.95

Human Unity Conference: Keynote Speakers
Extended excerpts of keynote speeches given at the conference include: "The Healing of the Nations," delivered by Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Robert Muller; also Allan Hammond of the Society of Emissaries, and King Goodwill of the Zulu Nation, South Africa.
13-025430 min.$ 39.95

Human Unity Conference: The Healing of Nations: A Personal Purpose
An overview documentary of the 11th international Human Unity Conference held in Boson, attended by 600 people from some 20 nations. Features inspriing clips from all aspects of the conference, including entertainment and speeches.
13-025530 min.$ 39.95

Last Sailors
Narrated by Orson Welles, this stunning video documents the men who still harness the wind and the sea for their livelihood. Beautifully filmed in remote corners of the world with an original musical score, this is a thoughtful and fascinating presentation.
08-0013150 min.$ 11.11

London Medley and City of the Golden Gate
A nostalgic tour back in time to London in 1938 and San Francisco in 1934. In London you'll see fishermen on the Thames, Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon, an era of liveried footmen, and a time when everyone stops for tea. In San Francisco you'll see the ferryboats that carried commuters from "residential suburbs", the fishing boats at Fishermen's Wharf, Chinatown and the famous cable cars. Filmed in black and white.
13-006719 min.$ 24.95

Made and Bottled in Kentucky
Whiskey has been made in Kentucky for more than 200 years. Today this ancient craft, little changed by modern technology, is threatened by contemporary tastes and attitudes. See the places and meet the people behind famous brands like Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey and many others.
13-850059 min.$ 19.95©1992

Mediterranean: Cradle or Coffin?
Only 30 years after finding Mediterranean waters teeming with marine life, Captain Cousteau returns to discover much of the same sea floor to be a desert, the rich abundance gone. Pollution had taken its dreadful toll, like "an underwater dust storm." The world famous conservationist devotes the remainder of this voyage to visiting the Zulu Nation, South Africa.
13-026958 min.$ 24.95©1980

Memories of Mr. Jefferson's University
How many times have you tried to tell friends and family how special this university really is? Join fellow alumni Katie Couric, Brit Hume, and Senator Charles Robb as they reflect back on their years at the University of Virginia. Narrated by Charlie McDowell.
13-978347 min.$ 29.95©1991

Mercenary Game
For the first time ever, film explores the private rites and rituals of a mercenary training camp. The best-known mercenary soldiers are interviewed on screen, and they frankly reveal who they are, how they train and how they're paid. Filmed at the "merc" camps in Georgia, this frightening and fascinating documentary features never-before-seen footage of an actual mercenary raid.
13-034060 min.$ 39.95

Mt. Everest - Climb for Hope
Travel from Kathmandu, across Nepal into Tibet. Approach Everest from the rarely climbed North side. For every three climbers who have reached the summit, another has died. The story of this climb is inspired by the father of a disabled daughter to conquer two challenges: Mt. Everest and the medical mystery of "Rett Syndrome". Winner of the Gold Medal for Best Information/Documentary at the NY International Film Festival.
13-473050 min.$ 19.95©1994

Mt. Everest: The Fatal Climb

13-491152 min.$ 14.95©1995 1-57875-101-2

Mummies and The Wonders of Ancient Egypt
Journey back to the rich and fantastic world of ancient Egypt. With the help of the world's greatest Egyptologists and the latest computer technology, this program brings this extraordinary world to life. Four pack set.
13-4532200 min.$ 59.95©1996


30 Years of National Geographic Special13-415060 min.$ 19.98©1991 0-7922-2300-4
Cameramen Who Dared13-414760 min.$ 19.95©1988 0-8051-0789-4
For All Mankind13-414980 min.$ 19.95©1989 0-7922-2002-1
Last Voyage of Lusitania13-415360 min.$ 19.98©1994 0-8001-3529-6
Mysteries of Mankind13-499960 min.$ 19.98©1988 0-8051-0714-2
Secrets of the Titanic13-043260 min.$ 14.95©1991 0-7922-2288-1

Nine Weeks for the Earth - The Challenge of World Citizenship
Two short subjects on tape. "Nine Weeks for the Earth" summarizes events staged in San Francisco between the 25th anniversary of Earth Day and the 50th anniversary of the U.N. Charter. "The Challenge of World Citizenship" describes the institutions the global village needs for the 21st Century, including a People's Assembly at the U.N.
13-474534 min.$ 24.95©1995

On the Cowboy Trail

13-824660 min.$ 19.95

Ripley's: Volume 2
From facts about "The Wizard Who Outsmarted Himself," to the story about "A Toothacke,: which halted the work of 4,000 men in eight factories, Ripley's amazing facts will astound you.
13-035480 min.$ 39.95©1986

Salute to the Cowboy

13-824960 min.$ 16.95

Shape of the World
The extraordinary story of how the world was mapped is the essence of discovery in science, math, religion and philosophy. This series shows man's search over thousands of years to chart the lands, the seas and the skies. In six one hour videos, we travel with ancient Egyptian, Asian, African and European exploreres, up to the present and the minute mapping of the DNA in our own bodies.
13-9452360 min.$ 149.95

Silent Language of the Plains
From frequent contacts with the Arapaho and Shoshoni Indians of Wyoming, cowboy movie star Col. Tim McCoy became a master of Indian sign language. He demonstrates hundreds of Indian signs, and tells stories of the Old West, and of the Indians he knew and the secrets of their amazing culture.
01-0078120 min.$ 49.95©1984

Explores the full scope of modern culture - investigating art, science, history, literature and technology - in order to illuminate the culture of Americans and related people and nations.
Certain Age13-456358 min.$ 19.98©1996 1-57523-097-6
Zoo13-455358 min.$ 19.98©1996 1-57523-045-3

Time Bomb at 50 Fathoms
Two ships collide off the southern coast of Italy. One ship, with a cargo of 900 drums of lead toxin, sinks to the bottom of the sea. Ultimately, the disintegration of the metal barrels could release a "time bomb" of toxin devastating fish, plant and human life in the area. Captain Cousteau's work inspires a dedicated and brave group of men to avert catastrophe.
13-026757 min.$ 24.95©1978

An educational documentary film that traces the history of the carillon (the carillon is a bell ringing instrument that dates back to the 14th century). The carillon that this film documents is located at Rockefeller Chapel on the southside of Chicago. Included is the demonstration and playing of the carillon, practice carillon, palmer chime and vorslag bell mechanism.
13-454726 min.$ 49.95©1995

TV's Greatest Bits
This video takes you back to a truly vintage year-1964! Host Gary Owens and his guest Bob Denver unearth the gems that gave the season its very special flavor, from Bulwinkle to Bonanza, from Shindig to speedy Alka-Seltzer. You'll see the commercials, hear the songs, and meet the stars, including Ed Sullivan, Fred Flintstone and the luscious Chiquita Banana.
13-048853 min.$ 39.95©1986

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