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World History

Colonial America (1500-1600's)
A look at the period of history when France, Spain and England were fighting for the riches of the New World.
13-000350 min.$ 64.95©1982 1-55919-511-8

Connections 2
History is filled with discoveries and inventions that although seemingly unrelated are connected in the most surprising ways. With 10 half hour stories, writer and host James Burke explores the origins and effects of those inventions that shape the modern world we live in. Ten tape set.
13-4180300 min.$ 179.95©1994 1-55980-644-3

In a comprehensive year-by-year fashion, this series explores the fads and controversies, the global and political events, the fun and tragedy and the excitement that made the 1960's such a turbulent era.
Fabulous 60's: 196113-040960 min.$ 19.95©1970
Fabulous 60's: 196513-041360 min.$ 19.95©1970
Fabulous 60's: 196813-041660 min.$ 19.95©1970
Fabulous 60's: 196913-041760 min.$ 19.95©1970

Fall of the Roman Empire
It is one hundred and eighty years after the birth of Christ, and the Roman Empire is at the height of its cultural and political glory. However, the vast Empire is slowly crumbling under the enormous weight of its own corruption and barbarians threaten from the north and east. Join Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, John Ireland, Mel Ferrer and Omar Sharif in this epic drama which burns with the passions, appetites, lust and violence of a teetering Empire.
13-0318172 min.$ 39.95©1961

From the Czar to Stalin
Original footage, some never before seen, fills this fascinating view of Russia before, during and after the Revolution of 1917. See Czar Nicholas and his family; Rasputin; Lenin; President Woodrow Wilson; Stalin; and others who made history struggling for control or influence.
13-003790 min.$ 29.95©1987

Each program has behind it a story and set of characters whose dilemmas and conflicts form its dramatic core. Decisive battles and other momentous events which changed the course of history are shown through docu/image, special effects, the latest computer graphics and newsreel footage where appropriate, bring to life characters and events which contributed to shaping the world as it is today. Each program was shot at the actual site from which the story is based. This series has been highly praised as a motivating addition to secondary and college classes.
Atomic Bomb13-468230 min.$ 99.95©1995
Battle for Canada13-467830 min.$ 99.95©1995
Battle of Actium13-467230 min.$ 99.95©1995
Battle of Salamis13-467030 min.$ 99.95©1995
Battle of Tsushima13-468030 min.$ 99.95©1995
Black Death13-467430 min.$ 99.95©1995
Conquest of Spain13-467330 min.$ 99.95©1995
Conquest of The Incas13-467630 min.$ 99.95©1995
Great Wall of China13-467130 min.$ 99.95©1995
Marriage of Pocahontas13-467730 min.$ 99.95©1995
Russian Revolution13-468130 min.$ 99.95©1995
Zulus at War13-467930 min.$ 99.98©1995


Ancient Rome13-494450 min.$ 19.95©2001
Early Man13-4960150 min.$ 59.95©2001 1-58565-644-5
Middle Ages13-494550 min.$ 19.95©2001
Renaissance13-495450 min.$ 24.95©2001

Rescue 911: World's Greatest Rescues
It's life or death on this nonstop around the world adventure! Emotional dramas unfold as lives hang in the balance. New Zealand: heroic firefighters risk their lives to rescue a young girl trapped under an exploding gasoline tanker. France: a desperate mother caught in a roaring apartment fire faces the ultimate choice, throw her babies from the third floor or perish! Austria: an ordinary ski trip turns into a test of friendship for three friends when one falls into an icy crevasse. Russia: Moscow police battle against the Russian Mafia's most notorious criminal as he holds two women hostage in a brutal stand-off. Belgium: a family's dream vacation turns into a nightmare when a freak accident causes their car to hang perilously off a freeway overpass.
13-483952 min.$ 19.95©1997

Terrorism: The Russian Connection
Watch as Soviet KGB head Yuri Andropov becomes Soviet Premier, and Polish Pope John Paul, is shot by a Turk with Bulgarian connections. Footage of the bombing of the U.S. embassies, the attempt on the full British cabinet, and on recruitment, training and techniques of the PLO and other terrorist organizations and their Soviet connections. The Canadian Broadcast Company's premier documentary on this timely and important subject.
13-007060 min.$ 29.95©1983 1-55919-650-5

In this series you don't think back or remember anything. You go back! Indeed, you are there in every volume of Time Warp, experiencing the past as the present, history as news, and "has beens" become "now are's".
Time Warp: 195436-576979 min.$ 19.98©1990
Time Warp: 196036-577083 min.$ 19.98©1990
Time Warp: 196436-577185 min.$ 19.98©1990

Twisted Cross
This chilling documentary creates a visual panorama of the rise and fall of Hitler and his Third Reich in Germany. It contains Allied military footage, Nazi propaganda films, newsreel footage, and even home movies shot by Eva Braun, Hilter's mistress and companion.
13-007453 min.$ 19.95©1956

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