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Monuments, Tours & Tributes

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty
This is the definitive documentary on the Congressional Medal of Honor, this nation's supreme award for extraordinary heroism at the risk of life.
13-618748 min.$ 14.95©1987 1-56371-000-5

Arlington National Cemetery: Video Salute to America's Heroes
Take your own personal tour of America's most treasured national shrine. This official souvenir video, Pentagon approved, contains the entire Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown. Experience the story of the men and women of our great Nation who have paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom.
13-833430 min.$ 19.95©1992

Evening Parade: Preserving the Tradition

13-491872 min.$ 29.95©1996 1892480026

Fierce Pride in Country & Corps

13-491760 min.$ 24.95©1997 1892480042


Wonders of Man's Creation13-420470 min.$ 24.95©1993 1-56345-115-8
Wonders of Nature13-420370 min.$ 24.95©1993 1-56345-114-X
Wonders Sacred & Mysterious13-420570 min.$ 24.95©1993 1-56345-116-6

Heritage of the Pharoahs
An Egyptian journey through time! Visit colorful, bustling Cairo before moving on to the sights of ancient history: Sakkara and the earliest pyramid; Giza with its Sphinx and the Great Pyramids; Beni Hassan's intricate cliff tombs; Telel Amarna; Thebes: Aswan: and Abu Simbel.
13-004450 min.$ 29.95©1983

History of the Bikini
Join host Gena Lee Nolin in this tribute to the 50th anniversary of the sensation that altered women's beachwear forever!
13-460060 min.$ 19.95©1996

The greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. In the blueprint stage, they were called ugly or impractical. Once completed, they were hailed for their design and ingenuity. Here are the fantastic stories of modern wonders that weathered storms of public criticism to become beloved icons of the world.
Transcontinental Railroad13-442550 min.$ 19.95©1996 1-56501-731-5

Mr. Lincoln's Springfield
Return to President Lincoln's cherished home town and the only home he ever owned. Through historic photographs and the reminiscences of an 1860's photographer, this program conveys a vivid impression of Mr. Lincoln's relationship with his family and fellow townspeople. Lincoln National Historic Site now encompasses four city blocks in Springfield, Illinois.
13-016630 min.$ 24.95©1983

Preserving the Past: Civil War Battlefields
From the makers of A&E Home Videos epic Civil War Journal comes a stirring journey to America's most hallowed grounds. Discover the innovative ways historians are leading the charge to preserve America's unique heritage.
13-423050 min.$ 19.95©1994 1-56501-414-6

Royal Military Tattoo

13-494088 min.$ 19.95©2000 1-58565-654-2

Spirit of of Beaufort

13-491430 min.$ 24.95©1995

Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: The Last Landing Zone
In a battle of courage and dedication, Vietnam Vet Jan Scruggs led a 6 year crusade that privately raised over 8 million dollars to construct The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It's all here...the struggle against overwhelming odds to build a national memorial. Listen as Jan describes how this Memorial has become a "healing place" for Vets, their families and the citizens of this country they fought and died for. This video evokes the turmoil of the war and how this Memorial has reconciled Vietnam Vets with their country. It's a moving, inspiring tribute to the over 58,000 men and women who fell, in Southeast Asia.
13-417640 min.$ 29.95©1994

Tosca's Kiss
This film by Daniel Schmid is a reverent and humorous look at the current residents of Casa Verdi, the musicians' retirement home founded by the great composer in 1902. "Inspired, insightful, life-affirming and entertaining."
25-012587 min.$ 39.95©1985

Touring Civil War Battlefields
See the actual battlefields as they were and as they are today. Relive the story behind each conflict as thousands reenact the battles. A sensitive portrayal of the heroic soldiers who fought in this stirring, but tragic, chapter of our history.
13-243160 min.$ 19.95©1989 0-927992-04-3

USS Arizona: The Life and Death of a Lady
This is a tribute to the more than 1,100 sailors who died on the Arizona on December 7, 1941 during the Pearl Harbor attack. The Arizona's history is recounted through film footage and interviews with survivors.
13-400145 min.$ 19.95©1991

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