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War Machines & Weapons

Atomic Journeys - Welcome to Ground Zero
Explore the secret history of America's Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb tests...detonated from Alaska to Mississipi.
13-494952 min.$ 19.95©1999

Battle Hell Vietnam
This shows you choppers, air strikes and air troops and the tough, savage combinations that changed the face of modern warfare.
13-1609113 min.$ 24.95

Deadly Weapons
The most popular gun video ever made is used by CIA, FBI, U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and over 600 law enforcement agencies. It features fascinating demonstrations of a wide variety of weapons in a no-nonsense, professional manner. Most interesting are the debunking of many common gun myths about such things as bullet penetration and "knockdown" power, use of silencers and the effectiveness of full auto fire. Excellent for both novice and the experienced.
13-0430105 min.$ 49.95©1984


Artillery Strike13-405330 min.$ 12.95©1993
Assault from the Sea13-403030 min.$ 12.95©1993
Battle Tanks13-403130 min.$ 12.95©1993
Combat Chopper13-404130 min.$ 12.95©1993
Desert Wargames13-404530 min.$ 12.95©1993
Dogfight13-404230 min.$ 12.95©1993
Fight For The Sky13-403730 min.$ 12.95©1993
Ranger Force13-403430 min.$ 12.95©1993
Royal Air Force13-404430 min.$ 12.95©1993

Ironclads: The Monitor & The Merrimac
Ironclads tells the story of the two astonishing vessels that fought the most memorable naval battle of the Civil War and forever revolutionized maritime warfare.
13-654830 min.$ 9.95©1988 0-945716-01-X

Modern Combat Aircraft 5: Air War in Vietnam
The US air offensive in Vietnam was the most awesome display of aerial firepower yet seen. From the mighty B-52 boming runs over the North to gunship strikes against Vietcong guerrillas, it spanned almost every type of mission and an extraordinary range of aircraft. This is a unique record of this extraordinary conflict and has a detailed script by leading aviation authority Bill Gunston.
13-388160 min.$ 24.95

Nuclear Airplane
Nuclear Airplane is the shocking revelation of a top-secret government experiment to develop a nuclear powered airplane. Inside interviews with flight engineers confirm the existence of this dangerous project. Despite revelations of government cover ups, "Nuclear Airplane" documents the current plans for this deadly experiment.
13-422850 min.$ 19.95©1993 1-56501-373-5

Task Force
This is a collection of the saga of sea power. Includes films such as Hook Down, Wheels Down and the Rise of the Soviet Navy.
13-0069120 min.$ 24.95

Trinity and Beyond! The Atomic Bomb Movie
Renowned special effects filmmaker Peter Kuran (Star Wars, Star Trek II & V, Robocop, Addams Family) dedicated over three years to the production of this amazing film which chronicles the top secret, strange and visually compelling history of the design, production and testing of Atomic and Hydrogen bombs by the United States. In addition to uncovering rare film form top secret government archives, Kuran traveled far and wide to obtain startling footage of nuclear bomb tests conducted by Great Britain, China and the largest atomic explosion ever created by Russia. Narrated by William Shatner, original score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and an interview with Dr. Edward Teller, a developer of nuclear weapons. Received the Silver Hugo Award at The Chicago International Film Festival, two Gold Awards at Worldfest Houston and Charleston, and the Golden Scroll from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.
13-485792 min.$ 24.95©1997

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