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Basketball Magic
This video has it all! Feature segments by position, greatest shots, greatest passes & dunks including slam dunk contests, great teamwork and of course, basketball bloopers and some lighthearted moments.
30-405650 min.$ 16.95©1992 0-924739-83-5

It all starts with team attitude. After that, practice makes permanent. This is a comprehensive 14 part program developed by Don Meyer and Jerry Krause. This gives coaches of all levels a guide to the important skills and drills of basketball.
Field Goal Shooting (set/jump shots)30-806815 min.$ 19.95©1991
Field Goal Shooting (layup/3 points)30-806930 min.$ 19.95©1991
Footwork30-807115 min.$ 19.95©1991
Free Throw Shooting30-807030 min.$ 19.95©1991
Get Open to Score30-807315 min.$ 19.95©1991

Blue Heaven: History of UNC Basketball
North Carolina fans will treasure this history of Tar Heel basketball, including the national titles of 1924, 1957, 1982 and 1993.
30-416175 min.$ 14.95©1993 1-885249-02-0

Find out what high school coaches from all 50 states and over 100 universities have learned which has helped them improve their basketball program. With Don Meyer.
Building a Championship Program Through Team Attitude30-805130 min.$ 29.95
Drills for Teaching Individuals and Team Defense30-806430 min.$ 29.95
Drills for Teaching Individual Fundamentals and Team Offense30-806530 min.$ 29.95
Winning Special Situations30-806130 min.$ 29.95

Coach to Coach: The Ultimate Clinic
The top coaches in the NBA lead in-depth clinics on their respective areas of expertise. Some of the topics include: Teaching techniques, game strategies, motivation and other crucial coaching skills designed to enhance performance on and off the court.
30-801070 min.$ 39.95©1989


A Champion's Secrets for Success30-439440 min.$ 19.95©1999
Champions' Workout30-439640 min.$ 19.95©1999
Raise Your Game30-439540 min.$ 19.95©1999

Fundamentals of Women's Basketball - Offensive Play
Cathy Benedetto, head coach at Seattle University and New Mexico State University (her current team), includes everything from shooting mechanics to offensive strategy in this complete program on basketball offense. Members of the New Mexico State University women's varsity team demonstrate a variety of offensive drills for improvement in shooting, dribbling, passing and rebounding. Benedetto gives perhaps the most detailed section on "shooting" that has ever been presented in video form. This will be a valuable addition to every coach's team library.
30-002561 min.$ 29.95©1987

Game Smart: How to Watch Basketball
Basketball is the perfect spectator sport. It's fast moving, strategic and exciting. But, it can be difficult to learn. There's a lot going on out on the court, and even the most patient friend can't fit a complete explanation into the brief breaks in the action. Whether you've watched one game or a thousand, this video will help you get more out of the experience. Join coach Lute Olson, as he and two teams of all-star, former college players, and three referees, teach you the game. You'll learn the rules, the strategies, the plays, and the calls, as well as how to see what's happening on top of and away from the ball.
30-434348 min.$ 19.95©1995

Jim Harrick has vaulted to the top of college basketball's coaching elite. Now Coach Harrick opens his playbook and team practices for this great video series! Perfect for the serious coach who is looking for a greater understanding of what it takes to build a basketball dynasty.
Balance Court High Post Offense30-808430 min.$ 29.95©1992
Beating the Zone & Matchup30-808330 min.$ 29.95©1992
Fast Break30-808130 min.$ 29.95©1992
Playing Basic Defense30-808230 min.$ 29.95©1992
Winning Difference30-808630 min.$ 29.95©1992

Make Every Free Throw
This fully teaches the most successful free-throw shooting method ever developed. It will show you the right shooting mechanics and how to hit clutch free-throws under game pressure. It also features interviews with players and nationally renowned coaches who have used Dr. Amberry's 7 step method.
30-434219 min.$ 19.95©1995

Men's Basketball: Defensive Play
Marv Harshman believes a basketball team must play good, sound defense if it is to be a winning team. Says Harshman, "Your offense will have its good nights and its off nights, but tough defensive play will keep you in the game even on the off shooting nights." Harshman demonstrates the drills he uses to school his teams on sound defensive principles. Marv begins with individual reaction drills and progresses to team defense in this excellent hour on defensive play. The program deals with both man-for-man and zone defensive strategy.
30-010056 min.$ 29.95

Men's Basketball: Offensive Play
In four decades of organized basketball, Marv Harshman, University of Washington coach, has devised and revised a number of drills to help build an offense. In this program Marv demonstrates the drills he believes are important in learning the proper mechanics of offensive basketball. The drills cover shooting, passing, dribbling, screening, rebounding and movement without the ball. These drills are applicable to high school and college basketball.
30-010159 min.$ 29.95©1987

Michael Jordan Off Court

30-441340 min.$ 19.95©2000

Red Auerbach - Red on Roundball
Red Auerbach, the most successful basketball coach, conducts an up-close look at the sport with the greatest pros in NBA history. You'll see Julius Erving, Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, Wes Unseld, Bill Walton, John Havlicek, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others. Watch the pros demonstrate the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, rebounding, shot blocking, passing, playmaking and much more.
30-0028109 min.$ 29.95

Shaq Attack: In Your Face & Off the Court
Highlights of one of the NBA's hottest stars. See footage of his now famous backboard shattering slam dunks.
30-830355 min.$ 19.95©1993 0-88149-334-1

Sports Pages: Basketball Funnies
This is the strange collection of the silly goof-ups and the goofy pratfalls just not found in the other blooper shows. Backboards crumble, players tumble, coaches mumble! It is all in Basketball Funnies--and basketball fans will love it!
30-813560 min.$ 16.95

Swish: Shooting By Herb Magee
Now you too can learn from the master. Follow the coach through step-by-step instructions, from "shooting hand" to practice techniques. Everything needed to improve your performance. No matter what age, whether a beginner or professional, Coach Magee will teach you how to put the ball through the hoop.
30-654058 min.$ 39.95

Winner's Edge: Basketball
NBA pro Paul Westphal (Coach of the Phoenix Suns) concentrates on shooting, rebounding, dribbling, passing and defense.
30-002925 min.$ 14.95

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