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All About Bikes
This video manual is directed toward the serious amateur. It covers the basics fo the racing, touring and all-terrain bicycles. The categories include types, frame, repair and maintenance, positionging and sizing, accrssories and riding tips.
30-0204150 min.$ 39.95©1985

Battle at Durango: The First Ever World Mountain Bike Championship
An exhilarating account of the first-ever World Mountain Bicycling Championships at Durango, Colorado. You'll witness some of the fiercest competition, backdropped by some of the most exquisite mountain scenery America has to offer. You'll see how tough the sport of mountain biking can be, and how the Americans came away with the lion's share of the gold medals, victorious over challenges from over 20 countries.
30-820060 min.$ 29.95©1991 0-944060-08-0

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair
Learn all aspects of bicycle maintenance and repair with this step-by-step guide. Chapters include introduction and maintenance check, tires, brakes, derailleurs, front hub, rear hub, crank set, chain and headset. You'll see each procedure that will help you keep your bike in perfect running condition.
30-020870 min.$ 49.95©1982

Bicycle Repair Made Easy
Jane Chambers has been a bicycle mechanic for over nine years. She demonstrates in an easy-to-follow manner all the necessary procedures for care and maintenance of your bicycle, so that it can give you its best for pleasure, sport and health. You will learn to perform a basic safety check-up, tune-up, using the proper tools. Maintenance is not only very important, but very simple.
30-031650 min.$ 29.95©1986

Build Your Own Bike Wheel
This easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstration shows you how to build your own wheel using spokes, hub, and rim without special equipment. Also included is an instruction booklet outlining the procedures.
30-021260 min.$ 29.95

Complete Cyclist
Whether you're new to cycling or ready to race, this video will get you moving and keep you rolling. Olympic Gold and Bronze cycling medalists Connie Carpenter Phinney and Davis Phinney steer you safely through every facet of the cycling experience, including: bicycle selection, cycling techniques, training and exercise routines, nutrition and more.
30-068480 min.$ 29.95©1987

Cyclevision: Hawaii-Maui Tour
A pedaling spree with the beautiful secnery of Hawaii's most popular island...lush colorful, sparkling beaches and tropical palms.
30-237125 min.$ 14.95©1986

Cycling Warm-Up
Warming up before any sport protects muscles, joints and tendons. This short program will help you to achieve peak performance and your personal best.
30-161020 min.$ 16.95

Cycling: Repair, Correct Riding Position, Safety
Instructed by Ron Sutphin this video is an excellent introduction to bicycle repair. It provides step-by-step, comprehensive instruction in the repair of various systems that comprise the bicycle and is taught in a factual, detailed manner.
30-404548 min.$ 24.95©1992

A video documentary of the NFA 1985 Grand National Freestyle Championships. Watch the pros as they compete in daring feats and stunts. Highly entertaining. Watch the tape over and over to learn how they do it!
Freestyle Biking: Flatlands30-031830 min.$ 14.95©1987

Freestyle Biking Aerials
A video documentary of the NFA 1985 Grand National Freestyle Championships. Watch the pros as they compete in daring feats and stunts. Highly entertaining. Watch the tape over and over to learn how they do it!
30-031730 min.$ 14.95©1986


50-404848 min.$ 12.99©19

Fundamentals of Bicycle Maintenance

30-439155 min.$ 29.95©1993

Great Mountain Biking Video
Learn from the best how to select, ride, race, maintain and become one with your mountain bike. Challenge yourself to the agony of the uphill climb and the ecstasy of downhill free-flight. Feast your senses on spectacular footage of California outback and intrepid "hammer-heads". See exciting Racing and Trials clips from the notorious Mammoth Kamikaze Downhill and Rockhopper South Races. For anyone who ever wanted to know what mountain biking is all about. Don't get left in the dust. A bold adventure awaits you. Winner of multiple international awards.
30-637050 min.$ 19.95©1989 0-944406005-6

It's A Fat World
The 1994 World Championship in Vail is one of the best attended events yet in the developing sport of mountain biking. Our cameras ran non-stop as the world's top riders demonstrated why their sport continues to grow and capture the imagination of riders everywhere.
30-409860 min.$ 24.95©1994

L. L. Bean Guide to Bicycle Touring
L. L. Bean, the Maine outdoors specialty company, and Dennis Coello, a well-known author who literally "lives on two wheels," bring you the joys of bicycle touring. Join Dennis and learn how to select the right touring bike, how to ride safely, perform basic roadside repairs, and how to have fun touring. Filmed on location in and around Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine.
30-031980 min.$ 29.95©1986

Lessons in Cycling
Legendary World-Record-Holder and Olympian, John Howard, shares hard-won secrets of his 25+ years of success as racer and coach. Improve your cycling power through correct body position, shifting, braking and attitude. Learn smooth pace line and echelon maneuvers. Learn how to build your own training program and what it takes to win. Features Jeff Pierce, Marianne Berglund, Martin Graf and Paula Newby-Fraser. Winner of International Telly Award.
30-411260 min.$ 29.95©1991 0-944060-09-9

Mountain Biking Montana
Mikey D. Productions takes you on a ride through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The journey begins with a stunning ride near Montana's capitol city and wraps up with some outstanding stunt racing. In between, you'll visit scenic Glacier National Park, fast-paced races, downhill mania, spectacular mountain lakes, and inspiring singletrack.
30-414055 min.$ 23.95©1995

Off the Front, Not Over the Bars
This video focuses on helping mountain bikers get the most out of their riding, featuring Sue DeMattei, former National Champion, and Dave Weins, three-time World Team Member. Learn tips and techniques that have won national championships and can improve anyone's riding. A great video for new and intermediate level mountain bikers.
30-402924 min.$ 19.95©1993

Rad TV: The Sequel
Here, by popular demand, yet another BMX Plus! Rad video with even more tricks and top riders to help you do tricks that fit your own skill level.
30-216630 min.$ 29.95

Road Bike Anatomy: Assembly, Care & Upgrades
This simple, general knowledge video will give you the basic understanding of how the parts of a bicycle work together. This basic knowledge can help you recognize and avoid mechanical problems. A clear overview of the bicycle form and function are demonstrated as a bike is built from bare frame to completed bicycle. Unique visuals and a clear, concise narrative show you how to install, adjust and care for your touring bike.
30-404862 min.$ 19.95©1992

Showin' Off Freestyle
The first of it's kind ever Super Sho' on how to do some of freestylin's hottest tricks. But that's not all! This also brings you up to date on the newest in bike features, accessories and the all important safety gear. Join the nationally acclaimed Evans Brothers Freestyle Team as they help you go through the steps of learning the Squeaker Peg Picker, the Bar Hop Switch Stance, the 360 Cherry Picker and many other rad flatland tricks.
30-812935 min.$ 19.95

The Targeted Sports Training Series trains your body to improve your performance, fitness level, knowledge and enjoyment of your favorite sport.
Cycling: Your Complete Training Resource15-4256$ 29.95©1998

Two Phat
What is Phat? It's that hamburger happy feeling you get after filling up on a juicy selection of mountain biking's best action. Feast your eyes on killer mountain biking in this sequel to the ground breaking Fat video.
30-406575 min.$ 19.95©1993

Ultimate Mountain Biking
Experience all the thrills, spills, and non-stop action that have made mountain bikes the hottest selling sports equipment in America. Blaze down awesome off-road terrain with champion-class riders who share their skills and know-how in a way that will benefit every rider, from pro to novice. Winner of multiple international awards.
30-558060 min.$ 19.95©1989 0-944060-07-2

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