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1986 Masters Tournament
Golfers will relive every emotion-packed moment-"Jack Nicklaus' thrilling victory." Tom Kite's agonizing failure to hole a trying birdie putt, Greg Norman's disastrous second shot at the final hole and Seve's watery grave at 15. This video captures the highlights of the entire Masters Tournament from Gary Player's hole-in-one to the awarding of the green jacket. Treasure this tape for a lifetime.
30-057760 min.$ 39.95©1986

Advanced Chipping
Chipping may be one of the most important strokes in golf and certainly one of the most misunderstood strokes. Bob Kesler discusses chipping from the advanced player's perspective by covering types of chipping irons, how many kinds of chips there are, how to stand for each type, how to swing, hold the club and impact the ball. Theory of chipping, sighting the pin, and reading the green; creating bite, head speed and control. Loft, skip and run are also covered.
30-012330 min.$ 19.95©1978

After the Driving Range... Then What?
Bob Kesler shows how to get a starting time, how to keep score. He talks about renting or buying the clubs, what a golf cart is, and how to obey the rules of the game. Whom to play with or without, and the importance of good golf etiquette. What's a birdie, bogey and eagle? Who ever heard of a bingo, bango or bongo - they're also discussed.
30-013260 min.$ 19.95©1978

An Inside Look at the Game for a Lifetime
Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Peter Kostis and John Elliott.
30-054356 min.$ 49.95

From tee to green and everything in between! An indispensable guide to improving your golf game. For the Sunday hacker or the club pro, this exclusive home program will shave strokes off your scorecard in no time.
Mastering the Fundamentals30-069169 min.$ 19.95
zzArnold Palmer: Play Great Golf30-1612120 min.$ 39.90

Azinger Way
Every player could learn a valuable lesson from Paul Azinger's amazing career. Ranked as one of the top in his class, all the things he has learned is in this tape.
30-815055 min.$ 16.95©1992

Leading teaching pros conduct a clinic on the grip, putting, long and short iron shots, sand shots, and the driver.
30-011730 min.$ 14.95©1985

Beginning Chipping
Bob Kesler covers all of the fundamentals in this show. Stance, how to hold the club, types of chips, sighting the pin, reading the green, and many other aspects are examined from the beginner's point of view. The basics of club and ball impact are also covered.
30-012730 min.$ 19.95©1978

Beginning Golf for Women
Designed specifically for those women who have never played or are just beginning, Donna White, 14-year LPGA tour veteran, will show you how simple learning golf can be.
30-830045 min.$ 16.95©1988

Beginning Golf Swing
Golf pro Bob Kesler introduces the beginner to the golf club and, through careful instruction, demonstrates what a good golf swing should look like, why the golf swing seems to defy the body's natural motion, and how the beginner can develop personal checks and balances to maintain a proper golf swing.
30-012230 min.$ 19.95©1978

Beginning Putting
In this video Bob Kesler discusses in detail how a golf ball is made, and how its construction causes the ball to roll on a putting surface. Sighting the pin, and "reading the green" are also covered in this program, as well as stroke; what causes the ball to track left or right of the hole: and types of greens and green construction.
30-012630 min.$ 19.95©1978

Best of the Drummer

50-400948 min.$ 12.99©1992

Better Golf
Dave Collingwood gives tips on driving, putting, chipipng, sand shots and five iron drill. Also included: free computerized club fitting chart on reverse side of case cover.
30-047730 min.$ 39.95

Billy Casper: Golf Basics, Volume Two

50-400630 min.$ 12.99©1988

Bob Mann's Automatic Golf: The Method

50-401444 min.$ 12.99©1983

Bob Rosburg's Break 90 in 21 Days

50-401035 min.$ 12.99©1989

Bunkers, Every Golfers Nightmare
Ross "The Sandman" Herbert will have you hitting bunker shots like you never dreamed possible. This instructional video, featuring Greg Norman, Ian Baker Finch, Robert Gamez, and many more, has a teaching emphasis from a biomechanical viewpoint.
30-4078100 min.$ 29.95©1992

Chipping and Putting Video
Golf pro Charlie Schnaubel is ready to show you how to quickly improve your score. The chipping lesson stresses wrist action, backswing and the role of the golfer's head, while the putting lesson emphasizes stance, arm action and takeback. Charlie also shows when to use for specific shots.
30-165930 min.$ 19.95©1992 1-55746-026-4

Crash Course
To enjoy the game of golf you have to understand the fundamentals. Keith Lyford sets the stage with information that every golfer must know. It's like going to golf school without leaving your own living room.
30-809735 min.$ 16.95©1991

Developing Maximum Consistency with Tom Kite

30-829750 min.$ 29.95 0-924739-05-3

Dorf on Golf
From the broad strokes to the fine points, Tim Conway teaches golf the "Derk Dorf way" and...we promise you...your game will never be the same. If you are really serious about golf, this is the perfect antidote.
30-067930 min.$ 29.95©1987

Drive My Way
With a record 152-mph club head speed and a 384-yard drive in competition, it is no wonder that Art Sellinger has been catapulted to the ranking of "#1 Long Drive in the World!" Using his secrets to long driving, you will increase your club head speed, which will lead to longer and straighter drives.
30-429230 min.$ 19.95©1990 1-55746-154-6

Exercise Fitness for Golf
Improve your golf at home or office with daily 10 to 30 minute workout sessions. You'll lower your score and increase muscle strength and endurance.
30-158560 min.$ 19.95©1987 1-55746-008-6

Feel Your Way to Better Golf

50-400852 min.$ 12.99©1987

Fit for Golf
Eight easy-to-do exercises that add distance to your shots, improve ball control and increase endurance. Includes a bonus section with five easy pre-game stretches to improve flexibility and reduce muscle strain.
30-210230 min.$ 19.95


Manual Resistance Exercise15-543730 min.$ 16.95©1990
Two-Weight System15-543830 min.$ 16.95©1990

Fluff: Secrets to a Better Golf SCore

30-435960 min.$ 19.95©2000

Fundamentals of Golf

50-401340 min.$ 12.99©1989

Games Golfers, Hustlers and Cheaters Play
Bob Kesler spends time describing some of the cute and funny, and not-so-cute and funny things golfers do. How to spot them, recognize them, take advantage of them. Further, Bob goes on to finer points of etiquette and manners - good and bad - on the course.
30-013330 min.$ 19.95©1978

Gary Player on Golf
Golf legend Gary Player, winner of over 130 tournaments, does not believe there is ony one way to swing a golf club. He does, however, believe there are certain fundamentals which are a must. Whether chipping, putting, sand play, driving or mental attitude, this video demonstrates that you do not have to change your complete game to shave strokes off your score. His teaching techniques are both thorough and enjoyable. A 20-minute recap of the key fundamentals is also at the end of his video.
30-047890 min.$ 59.95©1986

This program shows you how to add distance to your drive and take strokes off your game.
30-252030 min.$ 12.95

Golf Course Equipment
What every golfer should know about taking care of a golf course is shown in detail by a careful look at equipment used in mowing, cutting, sanding, edging, grooming and fertilizing the course. Examined are how and when the ground crews prepare surfaces, and the equipment needed to keep the grounds in good condition.
30-012830 min.$ 19.95©1978

Golf for Kids of All Ages
A fun, instruction-packed golf video from PGA Tour veteran Wally Armstrong, son Scott, and host Gabby Gator that makes the fundamentals of golf exciting and easy to remember.
30-193650 min.$ 12.95©1986

Golf for Women
This is a complete introduction to golf specifically for women. More than an explanation of technique, this shows what is needed to take up the game, how to warm-up, practice and exercise.
30-808730 min.$ 12.99©1992 0-945716-75-3

Golf Lessons From Sam Snead
Golf's grand master demonstrates and explains all aspects of golf, from drives to putts. Recommended by Golf Magazine.
30-010560 min.$ 49.95

Golf Like a Pro with Billy Casper
Have a private lesson with Billy Casper, winner of the prestigious Masters Tournament and twice champion of the U.S. Open. Casper shows you the fundamentals of good golf from the grip to the swing. Slow motion and stop action photography show you how to hit the ball with every club. Casper includes a section on putting that's a must. Watch and learn about accuracy with short irons, pitch shots, how to get close to the pin out of sand traps, and more.
30-010651 min.$ 29.95©1987 1-55515-019-5

Golf Memories
Long before "Wide World of Sports" the professionals of the '30s and '40s were thrilling audiences across the country. This era saw some of golf greats stars earning their place in golf history. See Golf Greats: Bobby Jones, Horton Smith, Patty Berg, Babe Zaharias, Gene Sarazin, Lawson Little and much more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy vintage golf at its very best.
30-400060 min.$ 39.95©1987

Golf My Way with Jack Nicklaus
An easy-to-follow guide for the beginning and intermediate golfer, starring Jack Nicklaus, offering tips on all aspects of the game.
30-0107128 min.$ 59.95

Golf Secrets with Billy Casper
Billy Casper begins with the basics: grip, stance and body alignment. He moves on to the swing and using the various clubs. The section on putting is a must for serious golfers as well as beginners. Slow motion and instant replay help you study Billy's technique. See and hear about selecting the right club for a shot, trouble shots and difficult lies, pitch shots, chip shots, Billy's special water-skipping shot, shooting your way out of the sandy situation and many more helpful tips from a pro who knows them all.
30-430330 min.$ 19.95©1991 1-55746-252-6

Golf Video Magazine
Southern California is the most popular golf center in the world. This program provides you with an opportunity to see and learn "HOW TO" play the challenging signature holes of many of these "World Famous" courses.
30-414655 min.$ 29.95©1990

Golf with the Super Pros

50-401242 min.$ 12.99©1991

Golf's Greats, Volume One

50-400330 min.$ 12.99©1987

Golf: Its History & Traditions

50-400745 min.$ 12.99©1990

Good Grief! Golf?

50-400438 min.$ 12.99©1991

Great Golf Courses of Ireland
This is a unique opportunity to tour Ireland's finest golf courses. Many of them are set amongst the most breathtaking scenery in the world and have played host at one time, or another, to all the great names in golf.
30-810760 min.$ 29.95

Greater Golfer In You: A Total Approach
Dr. Gary Wiren, Director of Learning and Research, PGA, hosts this stimulating seminar on two video cassettes, reinforced with three audio cassettes. It will help you enjoy golf to the fullest, improve your technique, overcome problem situations and lower your handicap. Twelve vital sessions on developing a repeating swing, chipping and pitching, putting, handling unusual lies and trouble shots, and much more. Printed practice guide included.
30-011042 min.$ 29.95©1988

Highlights of the 1992 Masters Tournament

50-400052 min.$ 12.99©1992

History & Traditions Of Golf In Scotland
This dramatic video takes you on a pilgrimage to the heart and home of golf, Scotland. A rare look inside the R&A Clubhouse in St. Andrews with historian Bobby Burnet reveals treasures of the past never seen by the public. From feathery balls and longnose clubs to the steel shafted blades of today, experts give new insight into the evolution of golf.
30-644845 min.$ 29.95

Hit It Farther With Betsy Cullen
In this video you will see Betsy Cullen's easy-to-learn system that teaches women the body movements and positions that maximize power for a better game of golf.
30-216960 min.$ 69.95©1986

How Clubs Are Made
Very few golfers, including many pros, have been inside a golf manufacturing plant. Bob Kesler discovers with the viewer all about grips, shafts, and heads. The differences between laminated and persimmon heads for woods. How clubs are built and bent based upon the height and arm length of the golfer. Bending, drying, sleeving, pinning and other club-building techniques are shown in detail.
30-013030 min.$ 19.95©1978

Jack Nicklaus: His March Throught the Majors

30-441282 min.$ 19.95©2000

Jay Golden's Fun-damentals of Golf

50-400530 min.$ 12.99©1992

JoAnne Carner's Keys to Great Golf
Demonstrates in clear detail almost every situation one faces during the playing of a game, perfectly shown in regular speed and slow motion. Run through this tape before each game you play.
30-263390 min.$ 29.95©1987

Judy Rankin's Break 90 in 21 Days

50-401135 min.$ 12.99©1989

Ken Venturi's Better Golf Now!
Ken Venturi has been the lead golf analyst for CBS since the sixties. One of the most knowledgeable teachers in the game, Ken makes learning the fundamentals of golf easy and fun. Let Ken Venturi teach you to play better than you ever thought you could.
30-163740 min.$ 39.95

Lesson Tee with Steve "J"
Steven "J" has helped thousands of senior golfers improve their game. With over twelve years of experience in teaching the game to seniors he can help you get your game together.
30-407930 min.$ 29.95©1994

Make Your Most Confident Stroke: A Guide to a One Putt Mindset
This is the first golf video to teach players how to develop confidence, improve focus, and consistently make more putts. Sport Psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn and PGA Tour winner Grant Waite, with other PGA Tour stars, show players how to think like a pro on the green and develop a scoring mindset to make more putts.
30-433237 min.$ 22.95©1997 1-885999-08-9

Man Who Changed Golf

50-400160 min.$ 12.99©1992

Medium and Long Iron Game
Dick Lawrence, John Ferrari, Penny Zavichas and other teaching pros can help you develope a longer, stronger fairway shot with their lessons. Learn about the two, three and five irons; your swing; intentional hooks and slices; cut shots.
30-011460 min.$ 49.95

Nice Shot!
This easy-to-follow video is perfect for golfers of any ability level who want to dramatically improve their game. The precise learning strategy includes:How to utilize the power of your imagination. How to organize your golfing information systematic way in your mind. How to habituate your golf swing. Self and target awareness, relaxation and focus. Pre-swing drills: grip, posture, and club path. Five concepts of the swing and more. Learn what the pros know: that a proper blend of golf mechanics and mind power makes for a better golfer.
30-404365 min.$ 19.95©1992

Official Rules of Golf
Presented by Tom Watson and Peter Alliss. They explain rules dealing with unplayable lies, water hazards and lateral water hazzards, lifting and dropping and movable and immovable ibstructions. Illustrated with highlights from championship events by Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Lee Trevino and Seve Ballesteros.
30-028635 min.$ 39.95

One Club Challenge, Vol. 1

50-400242 min.$ 12.99©1991

One Move to Better Golf
The professional that teaches the professionals -Carl Lohren will show you many of the tips he shares with fellow PGA members, including his miracle move that could slash your handicap up to 50%.
30-028730 min.$ 19.95©1985

Each of the three tapes in this series presents five PGA Tour Pros, Hal Sutton, Craig Stadler, Lanny Wadkins, Payne Stewart and Tom Kite, giving you tips on a better golf game with in depth instruction.
Course Strategy30-265660 min.$ 59.95©1988

Phil Rodgers: The Short Game

30-012072 min.$ 29.95

Play Better Golf with Rip Collins

30-011960 min.$ 29.95

Two volumes and 31 sessions of game strategy taught by a world class golf faculty. Join Gary Wiren, Director of Education and Research for the PGA; Jim Flick and Bob Toski of "Golf Digest" Instructional Schools; LPGA teachers Peggy Kirk Bell and Carol Johnson; Rod Myers from Duke University; and Conrad Rehling from the University of Alabama. Build confidence, lower scores and increase your enjoyment.
Play Your Best Golf: Volume 130-028869 min.$ 49.95
Play Your Best Golf: Volume 230-0289109 Min.$ 49.95
Play Your Best Golf: Volumes 1 & 230-0428178 min.$ 89.95

Adapted from Play Your Best Golf, this series was designed to allow you to concentrate on special areas of your game. Taught by the same great instructors, you can have a private lesson anytime.
Mini Clinic: Sand Play and Approach Shot30-039820 min.$ 19.95
Mini Clinic: Woods and Long Irons30-039520 min.$ 19.95
Mini Clinis: Mid and Short Irons30-039620 min.$ 19.95

PowerGolf Fitness
Golf specific exercise program that will improve flexibility, strength, and develop a Powerswing! The program includes warm-up exercises, PowerGolf Fitness exercises and pre-game stretches. The exercises are performed with light dumbells and mimic the golf swing.
30-438650 min.$ 29.95©1998

Putting for the Beginner and the Pro
Let pros like Dick Lawrence, Toby Lyons and Penny Zavichas fill you in on evry aspect of putting, including grip and stance, the sweet spot, the short putt, reading greens and more.
30-011260 min.$ 49.95

Right Way for Left-Handed Golfers
Dick Aultman, former senior editor of Golf Digest magazine, shows you how to properly manage the Clubshaft, the Clubface and the Clubhead to make you more consistently excellent in your golf shots. Provides right-handers with a perfect "mirror image" view during Dick's demonstrations. A bonus, Dick reveals a powerful Pre-Swing Routine that will help you take this newfound consistency from the practice tee to the golf course.
30-418240 min.$ 29.95©1996 1-888147-07-5

Sand Lessons and Special Shots
Bunker shots and trap rules, pitching wedges and sand wedges are covered by pros Toby Lyons, Harry Offatt and Penny Zavichas.
30-011560 min.$ 49.95

Short Iron Lessons
Teaching pros Neal Doyle, Linda Craft and others offer advice on using short irons to save strokes on the green. Segments on the six, seven, and nine irons, strategy, pitch shots and more.
30-011360 min.$ 49.95

Shot Refinement
This clinic includes segments on the three wood, the long irons, the five iron, the pitching wedge and calibrated putting.
30-011830 min.$ 14.95

Story of Golf: Director's Cut
The story weaves through a framework of milestone events, among them, heroic performances by top players, seminal advances in equipment, major changes in course architecture, and landmark revisions in the rules. In short, the happenings and the personalities that combined and conspired to orchestrate the evolution of golf into the immensely popular game we know today.
30-4399145 min.$ 49.95©1999


Dave Stockton Golf Clinic30-411360 min.$ 19.99©1994 1-56480-183-7
Golf the Woman's Game with Patti Sheehan30-010960 min.$ 19.99©1994 1-56480-186-1

Sybervision: Power Driving with Mike Dunaway
This tape is guaranteed to improve your driving distance and accuracy. Featuring legendary hitter Mike Dunaway, you will learn flawless driving techniques through Sybervision's innovative method of neuromuscular training.
30-043430 min.$ 49.95©1986

Tiger Woods - Heart of a Champion
This program is not authorized or endorsed by Tiger Woods.
30-441440 min.$ 19.95©2000

Trick Shots
In this show Bob Kesler shows how the beginning golfer can develop a repertoire of trick shots to augment his golf game when he gets into trouble with hazards. Also covered in this program, are typical problems beginning golfers have with their golf swing.
30-012930 min.$ 19.95©1978

Video School of Golf
Featuring one of America's top teaching professional golfers, Jim Chenoweth, and his revolutionary "Toe Up/Toe Up" teaching method with his "Triangle Swing" concept.
30-053660 min.$ 39.95

Walk Thru to Par
In this video, Peter Beames, former PGA player and now an acclaimed golf instructor, will provide you with his excellent insight and instruction in the revolutionary golf swing utilized by Gary Player and others on the PGA tour.
30-439730 min.$ 19.95 1-883151-04-X

Water, Trees and Tall Grass... Or Where Did My Ball Go?
Every golfer has been in water, trees and tall grass; unfortunately most don't know how to get out of trouble...effectively. This program covers in detail the many rules that apply to hazard shots. Bob Kesler also demonstrates which special strokes to use; the club, the stance and the attitude required to reduce your score. What to do if your ball is lodged in a tree branch, water tactics and rules, and how to get out of a culvert are situations Bob Kesler covers with practical strokes and humor.
30-013430 min.$ 19.95©1978

What's a Hazard?
Bob Kesler shows in this program the many types of hazards found on a golf course. Rough, trees, traps, water and other hazards are discussed in detail. The rules for getting out. The shot and club to use. When and how to gamble against the odds. What trick shots work best in which hazard.
30-013130 min.$ 19.95©1978

Winner's Edge: Golf
With PGA pro Kermit Zarley.
30-033225 min.$ 16.95

Women's Golf Guide
A video for novice women and men golfers who know how to swing their club and are now ready to play the game, learn the rules and behave as a golfer. Helene Landers hosts this informative program.
30-827160 min.$ 19.95©1994

Woods and Tee Shots
Learn the best grip and swing to use, as well as the best shots and woods to use.
30-011660 min.$ 49.95©1985

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